a multi platform interactive web-documentary about contemporary zimbabwe through the eyes of women
ZIM.DOC is a cross-platform documentary project that consists of an interactive web-documentary and a real-space exhibition. The project is born from the collaboration of women filmmakers, programmers, painters, and graphic artists. The zim.doc celebrates the creative exploration of the documentary form, collaborative filmmaking and provides a unique vision of Zimbabwe’s past and present through the eyes of women.

The interactive web-documentary unfolds in chapters with two story worlds; the Surface Layer set in the present and the Inner Layer set in the past; and an interactive interview archive called The Interview Mosaic.

The Surface Layer narrative traces the journey of this group of women as they embark in an experimental documentary project, revealing aspects of their lives and a personal vision of contemporary Zimbabwe. It is the collective process that is the catalyst of this story: we start in the present, trying to march forward and yet we often find interrelated circumstances that complicate our journey. In intimate interviews, found in the Interview Mosaic, authors/protagonists explore these subjects and reveal thoughts about their process. And in the Inner Layer story world the artists offer a poetic interpretation of Zimbabwe’s past – keys to understanding the present.

direction: Rabia Williams
software: Maíra Sala
technologies: HTML5, Javascript, CSS